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Welcome to the Training & Information Portal

Use this site to assist in answering you questions regarding policies and procedures, officer duties and responsibilities as well as other upcoming informational material to enhance your BACA experience.

Chapter Board – How often do questions come up during the course of chapter business, hopefully you can find you answers here, this manual is in no way meant to supersede your state by-laws or chapter by-laws, but as an enhancement to those by-laws.  What are the responsibilities and duties of varying positions, what is the appropriate procedure for holding a BACA event, etc.

Officers – Newly elected or been there a while, it never hurts to check on what your perceived duties are versus what duties you perform, are you doing all your supposed to do and how do you handle a specific event. This manual will also help you to find out what the other positions on the board do and maybe spark your interest in running for additional position or at least know who to ask about what.

Members – Questions, questions, questions, we always have questions.  What does the Vice President do? it’s here. What are the International Bylaws? check it out.  How does a level 2 get called? Why is the Security Officer talking to that club?

Hopefully a good deal of your questions can be answered by checking out the information provided here.

For additional assistance or comments drop a line to the administrator of this website by clicking here.

Thank You for all you do.

Notes from the Trainers

We're looking to update and improve the content of the training site, check back often to see what's coming up